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Baby LovesWhat do little eyes, ears, mouths, hands, feet and tummies love? What brings joy to little hearts, minds and souls? Discover what babies love. The photography and lighthearted text combine to please both babies and adults.

Sadie, Save the SpoonbillCritical issues surround the conservation of wetlands in Florida, as illustrated in this book, inspired by a true story. Because mangroves are prime habitat for nesting birds and fish, Sadie and Hayley struggle to preserve them. Will the roseate spoonbill lose its habitat? Can Sadie save the nest?

Spirit of the SwanCob's clear Swan call captures Penny's heart. The two swans raise a young swan named Ziggie. As the swans leave their nesting site, Ziggie's father is shot and later captured. Ziggie feels lonely, and rarely bugles. His Mama helps him develop courage. When his father flies to their winter home, Ziggie's voice sings strong. Ziggie becomes an adult, finds a mate and the cycle of life continues as music fills the marsh. Spirit of the Swan is inspired by the true story of a Trumpeter Swan shot illegally, restored to health, released into the wild, and reunited with his mate. 

Stump Pass Native Coastal Plants

Mary Lundeberg connects people with nature through photography and stories. Her goal as a writer/photographer is to create appreciation for the beauty and fragility of this planet, especially water ecosystems, such as the rivers in Wisconsin, the lakes in Minnesota, the estuaries in Florida and the disappearing glaciers in Antarctica. Mary's photographs have been exhibited in art galleries in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Florida, and published in books, calendars, native plant brochures and newspapers. 

The books she creates are designed to enhance interest in the natural world and conservation. As a former K-12 reading teacher, professor and co-leader of the Literacy Achievement Research Center at Michigan State University, she understands the connection between science and literacy. Mary has published over 88 articles and chapters, five books and numerous photographs and won awards from state, national and international associations. She currently teaches digital photography part-time at the College of Ringling Art and Design.