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All of the photographs in this gallery are of captive panthers (also called mountain lions, pumas and cougars. These panthers are at wildlife sanctuaries in Florida and Colorado. The running photos are from the Wild Animal Sanctuary located near Denver, which provides large acreage (5-25 acres) natureal habitats for rescued animals to roam freely.

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Keywords:The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS), cougar, lion, mountain, panther, puma

Closeup3_E8U9016Mountain Lion Running5Who's there?Florida_Panther_Resting, captiveMountain Lion EyesStalkingLooking upRunningRunning2_Running3_Running4Running6_E8U8993closeup_E8U9004closeup2_E8U9007Running7_E8U9027Pausing_E8U9028Prowling_E8U9029Pausing_E8U9030Resting_E8U9040Resting2_E8U9042