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Great Lakes Piping Plovers (Charadrius melodus: subspecies C. m. circumcinctus) are endangered, and rescuing abandoned eggs is a small but vital part of the recovery effort. Since 1992, piping plover eggs that have been washed away or abandoned are rushed to the University of Michigan’s Biological Station in Pellston, MI, where they are incubated and reared by a zookeeper overseen by the Detroit Zoo in a safe and quiet environment. A heat lamp coupled with a feather duster provides comfort to the newly hatched chicks while they brood. Chicks are introduced outdoors gradually, and a flight pen constructed partly on Douglas Lake and partly on the shoreline allows the chicks’ final preparation for release. In the flight pen, they can stretch their wings, fly short distances and learn to forage along the natural shoreline. When the chicks fledge, they are transported to Great Lakes shorelines near plover families with similar-age chicks and released alongside wild plover chicks so they can assimilate with a wild cohort.

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1.Stephanie_greets_zookeeper_at_UMBS_captive_chick-rearing_building2.Station_for_brooding_chicks_with_heat_lamp_and_feather_duster4.Captive_chicks_foraging inside flight pen_at_UMBS5.Captive_Piping_Plover_catches_Cricket inside flight pen6aZookeeper_placing_food_for_chicks_inside_the_flight pen6bzookeeper_tosses_crickets_to_chicks_inside_the_flight pen7.Portable_Egg_transporter_incubator8a Tess_looking_for_the_wild_plover_chicks-28b Tess_looking_for_the_wild_plover_chicks9a.Rachel_opens_portable_carrier9b.closeup_of_Piping_Plover_exiting_carrier9c.Captive_Piping_Plover_Now_Free9d.Piping_Plover_Exercises_wing_inside_carrier10.Three Released_Piping_Plovers_mix with_Two Wild_Piping_Plovers10aTess_and_another_ranger_watching_the_released_and_wild_chicks_mingle10bAlice_checks_on_released_and_wild_chicks11. Captive_Released_Piping_Pl Chick foraging_at_Tiesma_12. Banded_Wild Piping_Plover_Chick foraging at Tiesma13.Conservation Team Photo after releasing 3 captive-reared chicks