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Kingfisher, Ding DarlingEagle FlyingRoseate Spoonbill Ballerina, J.N. Ding Darling Wilderness AreaHeron Kiss, Venice Rookery, FloridaGreat Egret, EvergladesPelican Landing, Ding DarlingBlack SkimmerBurrowing Owl Chicks with frog-9431Reddish Egret DanceBrown Pelican Rising, Lemon Bay, FloridaEgret DisplayPelican Sunset, Ding Darling, FLAlligator with FlowerBaby Skunk Smelling Wildflower,Sandstone, MNTurtles on River Logmanatee-1121Hawk, Venice, FlDouble Vision: Egret with FishRoseate Spoonbill catchiing fish