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A portion of the proceeds from these limited edition photographs will benefit the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast. All of the limited edition photographs in this gallery highlight the beauty and fragility of Wild Florida, and will support the important work of Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast in preserving the splendor of southwest Florida for generations to come. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a print in canvas, infused aluminum, DuraPlaq or a museum quality print. All limited edition prints are assigned a unique number and hand-signed by the artist. Each image offers a certificate of authenticity.

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Egret Mating DanceStarfish on ShoreRoseate_Spoonbill_FlightMonarch with caterpillar on MilkweedKingfisher, Ding DarlingWild Osceola Turkey FeathersBald Eagle SoaringSandhill Crane Colt under wingLeast_tern_looking_at_newborn_chickSnowy Plover Chick, Boca GrandeGolden_VixenCedar Waxwing  enjoying Cedar berriesGreat Blue HeronsFlorida_Panther_Resting, captiveBlack Skimmer with ChickGopher_Tortoise__EatingBlack Bellied Plover,Stump Pass State ParkGreat Egret FamilyJuvenile_Night_Crown_HeronLeast_Terns'_Mating_Dance