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Half of the proceeds from these limited-edition photographs will benefit Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a print in canvas, infused aluminum, or a museum-quality print. All limited-edition prints are assigned a unique number and hand-signed by the artist. Each image offers a certificate of authenticity.
These photos may be used to create signs for the youth sign project, or for student's classroom projects. Least terns, Wilson's plovers, black skimmers, snowy plovers, and American oystercatchers all nest on beaches in Florida. These photos are made available as part of the Philip Hyde Grant funded by the NANPA Foundation, Share the Shore with Beach-nesting Birds and their Young. All of these birds are threatened or species of special concern.
Loggerhead and green sea turtles are threatened and nest on Florida shores. Egrets, sanderlings, and yellow-crowned night herons are not threatened but forage on Florida shores as well so are included here. Bobcats are predators.

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Keywords:American oystercatcher, Black skimmer, Caretta caretta, Charadrius nivosus, Charadrius wilsonia, Least tern, Loggerhead, Rynchops niger, Snowy plover, Sternula antillarum, Wilson's plover

Catching_A_FishBlack skimmers_flying_in_formation1.Skimmer_skimmingBlack Skimmer with ChickLean_on_me_little_oneAn_abundance_of_fish2.Black_Skimmer_Skimming_ReflectionBlack Skimmer shaking wings after bathingBlack Skimmer with minnowLeast_Terns'_Mating_DanceFishing_for_Lovetern on eggLeast_Tern_brooding_chick_in_Charlotte_CountyLeast tern brooding chickFeeding_fish_to_juniorleast tern feeding chickLeast tern chick jumping for joyLeast_Tern_chick_exploring_his_world_in_Charlotte_CountyLeast_tern_flying_with_fishLeast tern removing eggshell from chick