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These photos may be used to create signs for the youth sign project, or for student's classroom projects. Least terns, Wilson's plovers, black skimmers, snowy plovers, and American oystercatchers all nest on beaches in Florida. These photos are made available as part of the Philip Hyde Grant funded by the NANPA Foundation, Share the Shore with Beach-nesting Birds and their Young. All of these birds are threatened or or species of special concern

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Keywords:Wilson's, black, (Charadrius, (Charadrius, (Haematopus, (Rynchops, (Sternula, antillarum), least, niger), nivosusAmerican, oystercatcher, palliatus), plover, plover, skimmer, tern, wilsonia)snowy

1.Skimmer_skimming1.Snowy plover nesting2 Snowy Plover cuddling with chick2.Black_Skimmer_Skimming_Reflection3.CATCHIING_A_MINNOW3.Snowy Plover chick at wrack line4. Two snowy plover chicks pause4.Black_Skimmers_Mating5. Snowy plover chick eating insect5.Three Chicks_standing_in_scraped_nest6.Big_Fish_for_Little_Chick7.Dinner_for_two8.feeding and cuddling chick9.Skimmer_shades_chicks10.Lean_on_me_little_one11.Broken_egg_after_tropical_storm12.Skimmers_flying_in_formationA newborn chick and an unhatched eggAmerican oyster catcherAmerican Oyster Catchers Courting