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Least tern with fishBacklit Black Skimmer catching preyBlack Skimmer feeding chick, Siesta KeySanderlings, Manasota Key, FLRuddy Turnstone fishing-2515Wilson plover with chickRuddy TurnstoneWilson Plover ChickRuddy Turnstone-2526Ruddy Turnstone-2527Breeding Plumage, Ruddy Turnstone-2528Black Skimmer and seagull 8967-EditSkimmer Landing-7293Skimmer joining friends-9242Skimmer flying-7174-Sanderlings, Manasota Key, FLuntitled-6795Spotted Sandpiper with sand crab, J. Ding Darling, FloridaOyster catcher preening, Falkland IslandsOyster catcher chick, Falkland Islands