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Egret Mating DanceReddish Egret CloseupReddish Egret Hunt8.Great egret juvenile splashing3.Snowy egret with yellow slippers flying across pond2.Snowy_egret in breeding plumage,_Amberjack_Environmental_Preserve,_EnglewoodEgret Display6.Great egret mates guarding their nest5.Great egrets in breeding plumage kiss4.A snowy egret stabs prey before the great egret does9.Snowy_Egret_walking_with_minnow on Manasota KeyBacklit Egret DisplayEgret Offers Stick to MateEgrets MatingGreat Egret FamilyWindblown EgretEgret Mating CallReddish Egret DanceReddish Egret with fishFlying Egret