Mary Lundeberg | About

As a nature photographer, and writer, I connect people with nature through photos and stories, published on Amazon, Blurb and iBooks.

My goal as a photographer is to create appreciation for the beauty and fragility of this planet, especially water ecosystems, such as the estuaries in Florida, the rivers in Wisconsin and Colorado, and the glaciers in Antarctica. Photographing wildlife requires stillness. This challenges me to slow down as I listen to nature speaking to me. I take care not to disturb wildlife, preferring to capture critter's behaviors in their natural habitat. My kayak serves as a blind, moving so slowly that the turtle stays on its log, the eagle continues feeding her young and the heron stalks. Combining language with photographs allows me to tell stories, such as the pro bono work I've created for the National Park Service, Stump Pass State Park in Florida, Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, the Audubon Society, Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program, and Wildflower Preserve, part of Lemon Bay Conservancy. My photos have been published in newspapers, conservation calendars and books, as well as websites (e.g., Lemon Bay Conservancy, Florida State Parks). I currently teach digital photography part-time for the College of Ringling Art and Design, and write a newspaper column called Noticing Nature for the Sun Tribune.

My hope is to help preserve threatened and endangered species. I draw inspiration from species such as the eagle, and the trumpeter swan. Both species were once threatened and are now making a comeback due to changes in the environment. We are one community on this planet earth. Through photography, I can bring nature to others.

I have published over 80 articles, seven books and numerous photographs, and won awards from the Photographic Society of America, Florida Camera Club Council, the Photographic Society of America, the International Reading Association, the Wisconsin DPI, the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, Michigan State University and the University of Minnesota. In 2010 my memoir was a finalist for the Florida Palm Literary Awards. I belong to the North American Nature Photography Association, the Englewood Camera Club, the Venice Camera Club, and the Florida Camera Club. I am a former member of the Minnesota Nature Photography Club and the Western Wisconsin PhotoClub.

My following nature photography books can be found on Amazon: (Spirit of the Swan) (Sadie, Save the Spoonbill) (Baby Loves), Blurb: (P is for Penguin), (Sadie, Save the Spoonbill) as well as through iBooks. Betty Baust and I created Stump Pass Native Coastal Plants brochure for the Florida state parks.

I have exhibited my work in Minnesota, Wisconsin and several places in Florida. Locally, my work is for sale at  the Englewood Art Center, Old Florida Gallery and Outdoor Center, Copperfish Books, the Sandman Book Company, Nellie's Notecards and Wilson's Whimsies and the Manasota Key Coffee House,